Who else on here is from Chicago or nearby? Or perhaps more to the point, who would be willing to participate in a blind tasting in Chicago? I would like to get a panel of relatively knowledgeable bourbon enthusiasts to rate some whiskeys for an article I want to write.

Note: to avoid potential embarrassment, my idea is to use representative quotes from the tasters to describe the whiskeys, but not to attribute specific quotes about specific whiskeys to specific tasters. So, I may note that someone said that Bourbon X tasted like peanut brittle, but I will not say, "John Doe said, 'Bourbon X tastes like peanut brittle!'" That way, no one will have to live down or defend anything they say.

The slant of the article would be, best bargains among readily available stuff as picked blind by a panel of 'experts', so it may not be worth the effort for those of you from far away to come to town for it.

Anyway, if I can get enough volunteers (I'd like at least four or five), I will make the necessary purchases and arrangements, and we can get together for the tasting sometime in the next month or so.

Chuck King (the other Chuck in Chicago)