I have a question. Say I have a bottle of bourbon, or scotch, that seems too congeneric in taste. Recently I bought a McClelland's Islay which I believe is young Bowmore whiskey. It seemed quite feisty (I wonder if "feinty" is etymologically related!), not from the peat, but from the inherent distillery character. Is there any reason I cannot buy activated charcoal and dump some in the bottle, leave it for a few days, and see what happens when it settles down? Where can I get small quantities of such a thing and how much should I add? (Teaspoon, tablespoon, half-cup?). I would like to experiment to see if I can reduce the rough edges. While most bourbons are pretty clean today, I might want to try this with one of the younger bourbons that are available. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.