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    Re: What\'s next on your list...

    I bought a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel at the bourbon festival auction (first day of bottling and signed- so that means I can't drink it)- so I'll have to buy another one to taste it. The new Pogue looks interesting, too. Any idea who makes the Pendennis Club bourbon, and what it is most likely related to? I'm new to this forum only because i saw your killer straightboubon shirts at the auction. Know where I can get one?

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    Re: What\'s next on your list...

    Welcome on! To get a shirt send a pm to username "JButler" There was an order blank on this site somewhere. Pendennis Club is Old Forester ( Brown-Forman) at 7 years old. I haven't tried any yet but I'm hoping for a poor mans Birthday Bourbon, which is funny as hell because it is the private label of the " Rich Ol' Boys Club" in Louisville. At the 2003 Festival I found what I thought at the time was a small stash of it, I worked out a trade with another SB.com member. Since then, I have found a store that stocks it all the time in Louisville. Other members here now have bottles of it.

    I like the Pogue a lot.

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    Straightbouron.com wearables

    Here's the most recent link for SB.com wearables that I have:

    Straightbourbon.com Wearables

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    Re: What\'s next on your list...

    Right now, I'm trying to decide whether to special order the 2004 ER 17, although I'm not sure if that counts since I've had the 2001. Ditto OFBB 2004 (have had 2002, Spring + Fall 2003).

    As far as totally new products, Tina & I picked up a bottle of Corner Creek at the Festival but have not yet opened it.

    Now that I think about it, I've never owned a bottle of WT 80; I've only had it once or twice at a restaurant. Should I buy one for more focused comparison/tasting? Hmmmm...

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    Re: What\'s next on your list...

    Dave, in my view WT 80 is very mild in flavor, I agree with Chuck in his book that it is the only whisky in the WT range that does not offer the full bore flavor one expects from the house. I think a better buy is Russell's Reserve or certainly WT 101. I think WT 80 is designed for the mass market who want some flavor but not too much. Any label from Heaven Hill, even in the "price" ranges, is preferable in my view because they deliver full bourbon taste. Evan Williams 7 years old is the best example but any HH label (including the HH-branded bourbons, perhaps getting harder to find) offers better value. So I think does Virginia Gentleman or George Dickel and there are other examples.




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