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    Anybody familiar with this stuff?

    Has anyone seen--or better yet, tasted--this stuff?


    Suggested list is $325 a bottle---seems a little steep, but it does appear to be a unique variety (hop-flavored all-malt whiskey).

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    Re: Anybody familiar with this stuff?

    here's an old thread on it. Not too long though.

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    Re: Anybody familiar with this stuff?

    Good catch to point this out, I have not seen this and must have joined the forum after the thread Mark mentioned. The idea to distill from a hopped wort is not new: a number of German spirits have been made from a beer wort for a long time, but it is a minor style for some reason.

    The idea of aging malt whisky in new charred oak is not unique either: Glenlivet has its American Mountain Oak on the market which does just that.

    This product (Charbay) is not, as the ad bumph might suggest, a combination of bourbon and malt whisky or a spirit aged from a distillate of corn and barley malt used in equal proportions, but rather is a barley malt whisky with the twist of being aged in new charred wood.

    So, some older ideas but packaged and combined nicely in an attractive bottle. Is it great?

    We need a well-heeled bourbonian who has access to this product to tell us.


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    Re: Anybody familiar with this stuff?

    Lex Kraaijeveld has some brief tasting notes (and a description
    of how it's made) in his latest write-up on American scotch-clones
    and other related whiskies at http://www.maltmadness.com/mm11.html
    (about a quarter of the way down the page).

    I've never had it myself, but I have seen some positive reviews...
    but not positive enough to make me shell out that kind of cash!

    Tim Dellinger

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    Re: Anybody familiar with this stuff?

    Thanks for pointing out that article. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. The Charbay folks run their place all by themselves, the 4 family members. I guess with all that hands on detail, it costs a bit to produce their whiskey. At least that's what I'd like to think makes this whiskey so pricey. I've never had the chance to taste it. They seem to enjoy visits so if anyone is in the area, maybe you can check 'em out and report back.



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