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    Good Bourbon in Boston?

    I'm headed to Boston in a few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good liquor stores that have a good bourbon selection.

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    Re: Good Bourbon in Boston?

    I wish i could help you , I live on the south shore but rarely enter Boston ,My guess would be to get a phone book and make a few calls ,you should find one that will likely know enough to help you find that special pour ... Good Luck
    bill g.

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    Re: Good Bourbon in Boston?

    Greetings all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster (since this is a subject I actually know something about...)

    My recommendations for the greater Boston area:

    Blanchard's, Allston: excellent for Scotch, also a good selection of Bourbon, including some older ones that you don't see too often, e.g., from the Bourbon Heritage Collection, and Distiller's Masterpiece. The last time I was there they still had the Bourbon Heritage Collection miniatures sets for $6 (close out from the distributor) - check behind the front counter. They also had the Jack Daniel's miniatures sets.
    (Note: there are several other Blanchard's in the greater Boston area, but they're separately run and don't have as good a selection as the one in Allston.)

    Marty's, Newton: probably better for Scotch and wine, but still a decent Bourbon selection, e.g., Pappy Van Winkle's 15 year old at $50. (There's also a Marty's in Allston just down the street from Blanchard's, but I've never been to that one.)

    Atlas Liquors, Medford, MA: there are several Atlas Liquors in the greater Boston area but this is the only one I've been to. Not a huge selection, but they sometimes have some things you don't see elsewhere, e.g., Buffalo Trace ($20) and Wathen's ($26ish).

    Other possibilities:

    Brookline Liquor Mart: great for wine and Scotch, but only so-so for Bourbon.
    Martignetti's: a good, mainstream selection.
    Lower Falls Wine Company: very small liquor section, but sometimes they have high-end stuff.
    Back Bay area: there are some good liquor stores right in downtown, especially for Scotch, but I haven't been to any recently enough to make recommendations in terms of Bourbon.
    Table & Vine: if you feel like taking a long detour down through Northampton, Table & Vine has a good selection, e.g., most of the current offerings from Black Maple Hill.


    John K.



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