Reports at the recent Spirit of Toronto tasting have Unibroue Brewery of Montreal (now owned by Sleeman Brewery of Ontario) distilling in two stills. One is copper, one stainless. The spirit, I assume from a cereal mash, is being aged in ex-bourbon barrels bought from Heaven Hill. Sounds positive but it will be some years until we see the results.

Barrel Select is the premium version of the whisky put out by Forty Creek Distillery of Grimsby, Ontario. I advise those who have access to try the current bottling since the whisky is better than ever. John Hall, its distiller, told me he is putting ever-older whisky into the blend (made from a combination of an all barley malt whisky, all-rye whisky and all corn whisky). John started distilling whisky in 1992 and clearly is plumbing stocks a decade older and more. I find his current Barrel Select almost like Old Overholt in flavor but actually better due to being softer, better balanced and of course older. I asked John if he would market his rye unblended. He was interested in my questions but seems committed to blending different cereal whiskies, along the lines as he explained of a wine maker blending wines made from different grape types.