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Thread: Storage

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    Re: Storage

    Oh, I've opened both '03 and '04 Stagg, Hirsch 16, an old Van Winkle Old Time Rye 12yo, Wild Turkey 12, et al, in the past 6 months. I plan to drink what I have, too,
    Tim, I know you have at least 2 to 5 bottles in reserve of each, You can't fool us. Unless that cruise has changed your thinking.
    Well, yeah -- except for the VW Old Time Rye, of which I only have one sealed bunker bottle (though I DO have 3 Family Reserve 13yo ryes).
    I gotta start somewhere, Dave -- you don't expect me to drink 'em ALL at the same time, do you?

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    Re: Storage

    But Tim, you CAN drink them all at the same time (reference to Dr Bourbonstein)

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    Re: Storage

    You know, I was trolling in the old posts, there are lots of jewels there. One is a short thread on blending from 2002 started by none other than our Jim Butler (hmmm, Dr. Butlerstein, doesn't sound as good as Dr. Bourbonstein ).
    I joined the thread towards the end and for one post only, I must have just joined the board and been bashful. But I notice in that thread that a number of posters, most still with us including our "Dr." Cowdery, were proponents of intelligent blending. Actually, Chuck said he liked the idea but didn't know if he, "had the time"! You must have been deep in the genesis of the book, Chuck! Brenda said amongst other things - I think it was that thread - that she used to work at Talbott's Tavern behind the bar. (Why did you quit, Brenda?). Okay, since blending is still of intrigue, here is my latest "meisterwerk" heh heh:

    half bottle "plus" of equal amounts ORVW LOT B + Maker's Mark
    smaller amounts of Jack Daniel, Elmer Lee, WR (to fill up some space from the wheat)
    a couple of ounces of ORVW Family Reserve rye to lend backbone

    To borrow a phrase from Bettye Jo, "oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"!




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