I've been alternating between these two for the last few nights.

Am I the only one who prefers the 12 y/o at half the price of the Centennial?

I grant that the Centennial has a more interesting nose, with both the bite of freshly cut apple and the sweetness of banana oil, layered with a woody flavor that reminds me of Jefferson's Reserve (the wooden pencil thing again). The direct sweetness of the 12 y/o is almost cloying by comparison.

However, on the palate the Centennial is not just apple, but green apple -- much too tart for my taste, and the finish is dry to the point of being flinty.

In contrast, the simple sweetness of the 12 y/o carries through to the palate and lingers longer than it has any right to.

I'm glad I satisfied my curiousity and picked up a bottle of the Centennial at Hi-Time before I left L.A., but I'm even gladder that I picked up a 1.75 liter of the 12 y/o on my trip to Houston.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield