Because I live in California I have to order Buffalo Trace from Binnys. My understanding is that Binnys has a single barrel version of Buffalo Trace.

I have read that buying single barrel whiskey can be risky because different barrels can differ greatly in quality. So sometimes a single barrel is something special and sometimes it isn't.

Recently a friend of mine went on a trip to Tennessee and brought me back a .375L bottle of BT. I was excited to explore the difference between the single and multi-barrel versions. (Though I have been out of the single for some time now.) I believe that the regular BT is a mix of around 40 barrels.

I am surprised to find that I like Binnys single barrel better than the multi-barrel. I'm not getting the vanilla flavor in the multi that I sometimes get in the single. In addition, I'm not getting the strong sharp rye flavor in the multi, and the strong sharp rye flavor of the single is one of the reasons why I'm a big BT fan. (In fact I like the rye in BT better than I do the rye in straight rye.)

I want to know if anyone else has compared both the single and mult-barrel versions of BT. And I want to know what your impressions are of the differences, if any, you perceive between the two.

Thank you.