One of the great things about buying Johnny Walker Red out here is that you can get the 1.75 liter bottle for the unbelievable price of $29. But the recipe has recently changed, and I do not like it. The new JWRed is harsh. I can't drink it without adding water to take care of the harshness. So it seems like the whiskey is made with more younger whiskies in the blend. It reminds me of Bowmore Legend.

But here's a buying tip. You can still find the older better JWRed in liquor stores. The bottles can be found sitting side by side with the new stuff. Here's how to tell the difference. The red label on the good old stuff is a brownish red. The lable on the new stuff is brighter. It's a cherry-red or apple-red. In addition, the Johnny Walker man is larger on the bottles of the new stuff. And on the 1.75 liter bottle there is a handle on the back of the bottle for the old stuff, but no handle for the new bottle.