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    Re: What\'s the best smelling whisky ?

    Well, I don't know if it's the best nose I've ever experienced, but I discovered a very pleasant one just last night purely by accident.
    As noted in another thread, I attended a scotch vs. bourbon mock debate, and among the presented bourbons was Booker's.
    At one point during the tasting, I cut the Booker's with some water (by guesswork, to an estimated 100 proof), but then got sidetracked tasting several other whiskies and just watching the festivities.
    Well, Booker's had never stayed in my glass that long before, and when I went back to it -- maybe after 20-30 minutes -- I was immediately put in mind of candied taffy apples. You know, like from the fair. What's more, the palate registered the flavors to match.
    Very nice.

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    Re: What\'s the best smelling whisky ?

    If I have the patience, I let my bourbon breathe for 15 or 20 minutes. The alcoholic part tends to fade away giving room for all kinds of sweet delicious aromas.

    Anyway, here's my list

    Wild Turkey 12
    ORVW 15
    Eagle Rare 17
    JD Single Barrel
    Jefferson Reserve 15

    (Worst nose: Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12.)


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    Re: What\'s the best smelling whisky ?

    let's see, open bottles right now would be Booker's,
    EW vintage 94', EC 12 yo, Weller's centennial.....
    Got to be the Weller's Centennial..... Candy in a bottle....
    That could change after the weekend though, as we'll be opening the EC 18, and VW special reserve......
    I'l let ya know....... Cheers.......

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    Re: What\'s the best smelling whisky ?

    I don't know about the rest, but no matter what was in the glass the night before, I love the smell of a "dirty" glass the next day. Caramel with just a hint of smokiness. It's a great smell to start the day with.
    I love that too ! An old Bourbon glass smells fantastic - you try that with an old Islay glass and you'll think you've stuck your nose in an ashtray.

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    Re: What\'s the best smelling whisky ?

    I havent nosed too many bourbons but my favorite so far has t be Evan Williams Single barrel 93. Its a lightbourbon but it has such a pleasantly sweet smell thats not overbearing at all and just right. very gentle like a truffel.



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