I was reading the other thread on storage, and I have two specific questions. I would like to get people's input on them.

1) In the other thread Chuck states, "Store them upright, especially if they are cork-stoppered." The George Dickel website at www.dickel.com/faq.html talks about cork leakage. While it is not entirely clear what their overall recommendation is, they do make this statement: "Anything with a cork closure should be turned on its side and stay that way until use." At a recent tasting/lecture I asked the speaker about the Dickel statement. He said that whiskey contained to much alcohol to lay on its side; that the alcohol would eat through the cork. So he agrees with Chuck. Am I misreading the Dickel FAQ? Can anyone add more to this issue?

2) I have heard it said that a bottle of whiskey should be consumed from 12 to 18 months after it has been opened. The reason given is that oxidation can ruin the whiskey after that time. I once tasted a bottle of Lagavulin that had been sitting around half empty for some number of years, and it was horrible.

I've been told that liquor stores sell vacuum pumps that the wine drinkers use to take the air out of the bottle. This has been recommended for whiskey. Is anybody here using a vacuum pump to preserve bottles that they plan to have around for ahwile?