I typically stick to bourbon, but my father-in-law is a very big fan of Canadian whisky. I was recently in Canada, and stopped at the duty-free shop on the way back into the US (they had 1 bourbon - Jim Beam white. Talk about disappointment).

Anyway, long story short - my father-in-law watched our dog while we were gone, so we picked him up a bottle of Canadian Club Reserve 12yo to say "thank you". He just opened it last night while I was over, and we each had a pour on-the-rocks.

This being one of my first experiences with Canadian whisky, I have to say that I was extremely unimpressed. It seemed to lack flavour. There was a mild alcohol burn, very smooth, and then it was gone. No finish, nothing. I suppose that if you're looking for something to sip and you don't want to be bothered to actually taste it, this would be a good whisky.

Maybe I feel this way because I pretty much stuck to bourbon when I began my whiskey drinking adventure, and bourbon is so flavourful. Now anything else seems dull and drab in comparison.

The funny thing is that I've gotten my wife to drink ERSB and EWSB '94, and she used to detest whiskey - now she enjoys it with a cigar on our back deck. Even she said the CC 12yr was too dull and boring for her; her exact comment was that it lacked character and "body".

Has drinking bourbon ruined other whiskies for us?