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Thread: "Flask Bourbon"

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    Re: \"Flask Bourbon\"

    I have two flasks; one 6oz (Jim Beam Black holiday package, last year,) and an 8oz. Both stainless, and well used. I agree with Chuck that higher proof bourbons are better for flask sipping. Being on the move, or whatever the situation is that necessitates a flask instead of your usual drinking glass, you're likely to be taking small or discreet nips, and stronger bourbon is more satisfying that way; it seems to "go further".

    I have taken a flask to a bar on three occasions that I can remember, and it's not yet caused a problem. No need to hide it, but be discreet, and order at least one drink from the bar.

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    Re: \"Flask Bourbon\"

    I favor stainless flasks and 107 proof.


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    Re: \"Flask Bourbon\"

    I thought many flasks were sterling silver. Any problems or experience with that material holding bourbon?

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    Re: \"Flask Bourbon\"

    For wintertime, I've found that Eagle Rare 101 straight from the flask is a good way to ward off the chill (and it still tastes quite good as well!).

    Thanks again to everyone who responded here - I'm looking at trying the Old Grandad BIB next, since the 114 is not available here.

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    Re: \"Flask Bourbon\"

    I recently bought the Jim Beam Black Christmas pack for the flask and a friend likes JB Black. It's a S.S. flask and I put EC 18yo in it. Been excellent so far.....and it beats the same ol' bar bourbon selection of Jim, Jack and Makers anyday......



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