Someone in a recent thread said that Bulleit was owned by Diageo. I was disappointed to hear that, even though I've read some good things about Diageo. But I was wondering if there were some very small bourbon companies left.

I realize that "small" is vague. I don't know, for example, if Wild Turkey is big or whether it might be owned by someone else. But it seems like Diageo, Beam, and Buffalo Trace are very large with each having many brands. And the labels on the bottles are very often misleading. Instead of "Buffalo Trace" you read something like "Old Prentice Distillery." The labels try to make it sound like the bourbon comes from a small company, when in fact it often doesn't.

I want to know if there are any very small companies making bourbon in Kentucky or anywhere else. I recently came across this one:

Who knows, maybe it's owned by Diageo. I don't know. But if there any very small ones, how does the bourbon taste? Are there any small companies that have a national distribution so that you don't have to go to Kentucky to get the whiskey?