In his new Whiskey Bible under Woodford Reserve, Mr. Murray magically reviews two products that do not exist, Four Grain and Personal Selection.

It is possible he tasted some of Woodford's experimental four grain whiskey, but that product has not been released, won’t have that name if and when it is released, and may not be the same whiskey Murray tasted if and when it is released.

He also reviews Woodford Reserve "Personal Selection." This is the Woodford Reserve version of buy-a-barrel. A customer (such as a bar or liquor store, but a well-heeled individual can do it too) selects one barrel from the Woodford County distillery (from a pre-screened range) and one from the Jefferson County distillery. These are then mixed together as a "Personal Selection" Woodford Reserve. Presumably, Murray tasted someone’s "Personal Selection," but someone else’s "Personal Selection" will be completely different.

That will teach you what happens when you read Jim Murray.