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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Controversy


    You wrote:

    The bigger controversy to some is why JD black label quietly dropped from 86 proof to 80 proof (43 to 40% ABV) recently.
    Indeed. See this recent thread.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Controversy

    You know...I enjoy George Dickel...but I have to say there is something about the Jack Daniels flavor that I enjoy more.

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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Controversy

    For those nostalgic about former Jack Daniel Black Label proofs, I note that Sherry Lehmann in New York is offering (according to its website) Jack Daniel in 80, 86 and even 90 proof. The 86 is sold in litres and fifths, the 90 only in 375 ml. format.

    The higher proof items must represent older stock. See www.sherry-lehmann.com


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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Controversy

    What I don't get about the JD decision to reduce the proof of the product is this: If you had the premier product in its catagory and had a great advertising program ,and sales were going well ,and you were making money by the truck load,why would you change it to sqeeze out a litle more profit, and take he chance of tarnishing your fanchise for the product. If anyone knows the story of Schlitz beer, at one time the largest selling beer in america,they might understand why I think the folks at Brown Foreman are lunkheads

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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Controversy

    > why would you change it to sqeeze out a litle more profit, and take he
    > chance of tarnishing your fanchise for the product?

    1) Taste tests tell you that people actually prefer a lower proof. So the
    product testing people are telling you to lower the proof.

    2) It's not just a little more profit... it's a LOT of money, mostly
    saved in taxes. So the accounting people are telling you to lower the

    3) The brand is pretty much bulletproof at this point, and everyone knows it.
    So the marketing people are giving you the green light to lower the proof.

    And there you are, some corporate shmuck in a suit who's never been to
    Lynchburg... you've got to worry about "Korbel California Champagne"
    and some crazy creme liqueur from God-only-knows-where, and your bosses
    are telling you how much money the luggage division and the pewter division
    are saving the company, and so is there really any decision at all? It's a
    no brainer!

    Tim Dellinger

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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Controversy

    Jimmy Bedford, JD master distiller, addresses this issue in the new Malt Advocate and makes some interesting points. Almost half of JD's sales are outside the U.S., where the proof generally is 80. He also pointed out that it has been 80 in Oregon, Wisconsin and New Hampshire since 1987. He basically says, this is what our consumers want.

    The national rollout began about 18 months ago and the blowback seems to be limited to a little internet chatter. It hasn't touched sales.

    Whatever we may feel personally about the proof change or Jack Daniel's in general, the best evidence says that this isn't a Schlitz or "New Coke" debacle and the people at Brown-Forman are not lunkheads. The Jack Daniel's juggernaught continues unslowed.

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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Controversy

    The story in Japan.Yes the product is sold in 80 proof,maybe thats okay.
    But the bottle size even changed to 700ml,it was 750ml before and was a
    little expensive for that size and year.And the price rized a little!!
    How can you buy a product when it is smaller and has more water then before! Well maybe some people can.


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    Re: Jack Daniel\'s Controversy

    I've been taking sort of an informal survey of our many JD customers in the store about any differences they find in the product since the proof reduction. The most common response: "I didn't know they did that." Then, they say they've noticed no difference.
    Of course, most JD drinkers mix it with something, typically Coke. So, you might just say that Brown-Forman, by adding some water to the bottle, just did a little pre-mixing for them. At common dilutions, it's probably not much more than the difference of an ice cube or two.



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