Just discovered this resource and may I say FANTASTIC!!

I've been a bourbon drinker most of my adult life, though I'll admit it's been with little regard for quality. As an everyday drink it's been JB White for many years. I tried Maker's Mark many years ago and still remember it as good. At one time in Louisiana I bought several bottles of a bourbon called "Beam's Choice". It was very good, so of course I've never been able to find it again.

As I've matured a little now I find myself more interested in the quality of my spirits. As such I'm need need of your help. What would be your reccomendations to begin with? I'm mainly looking in the <$35 range, though if there's something spectacular out there I'm not adverse to spending more. How about putting your suggestions into price groups such as <$25, $25-$35, $35-$50, and so on?

Hopefully I'll have enough suggestions to have some guidelines for a great bottle to enjoy over the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks in advance.