This is the 1920's recreation of The Macallan, whisky chosen from existing stocks of Macallan but intended to duplicate the taste of Macallan as it was in the 1920's. (How do they know? They have archival bottles and other resources, e.g., distillery records, to check what the taste was like then). This is ... very good. It has a rich sherried taste (dry Oloroso I think) against a complex background of sweet barley malt, light but noticeable peat, dry oak, light spice, and bracing alcohol. It is, as compared to good Bourbon, much drier, and perhaps more complex. When I blend Bourbons though, I approximate the complexity one gets in Macallan 1920's. For those of you who have access, try it. It is a different taste in whisky than Bourbon but shows I think why Scotch whisky acquired its world renown. In the Decade Series of Macallan the others are the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. These are good but the 1920's takes the cake. It happens to have some very old Macallan in it (some is 25 years old, I understand); maybe that explains the super-quality I find.