My interest has been solicited toward purchasing a 19-decanter collection -- full/sealed 750mls from the '70s-'80s -- of Michter's Distillery whiskey. Michter's, of course, distilled the bourbon which eventually became the A.H. Hirsch bottlings, and those of you at the Gazebo gatherings the weekend of the Festival in September had a chance to sample it from the King Tut decanter I brought.
Alas, I am a cash-poor schoolteacher -- so, if any of you has interest in purchasing either all or part of this collection, PM me and I'll either put you in contact with the seller, or will attempt to organize a consortium (a la the Old Crow chess set) in order to buy it.
Failing either, I will cherry-pick the 2-3 decanters I want and can perhaps afford, and pass on the rest.