In Friday's State Journal(Frankfort newspaper), there was an article about the Broubron Heritage Center at Heaven Hill. I would scan it and put it up here but my scanner isn't working. I don't think the paper has a website either.

In the article it was talking about on the tour you could go into one of the warehouses, heres what it says: "The visit isn't limited to models. Tours are given of an authentic rickhouse - some call it a rackhouse where the bourbon barrels are put to bed for the aging process. The oldest barrel in the seven-floor rickhouse is dated 1971, the same year this particular rickhouse was built. It's the youngest of Heaven Hill's warehouses."
Betty Jo might be the best source for this information, but is that 1971 barrel just there to say they have a barrel from the year the warehouse was built or is there a plan to use that barrel for some special bottling? I can't imagine that barrel would have much left in it after 33 years. Or was that a printed incorrectly and they meant 1981?