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Thread: Bourbon Newbie!

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    Bourbon Newbie!

    Hi Guys

    I'm looking for some info on Bourbon Gift sets/Miniuatures. I live in the UK but want to ship some to a friend in Poertland, Oregon for Xmas, can anyone help?

    I tried a search for gift sets, but no luck.



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    Re: Bourbon Newbie!

    Welcome, friend.

    Here's a list of Oregon Liquor Control Commission stores... they can probably tell you what they have in the way of gift sets, and may be able to ship for you. (I don't know.)


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    Re: Bourbon Newbie!

    Jim Beam usually has available a gift set of miniatures (50 ml) of their four small batch bourbons in a wooden box. The Beam small batchers are Knob Creek, Booker's, Baker's and Basil Hayden.



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