Well... my neighbouring state of New Hampshire has just purchased 8 cases of Sazerac 18 yr old Rye, and they supposedly will be receiving some Eagle Rare 17 yr old and one other brand from the Antique collection (not sure if it is Stagg or Weller).

I am looking to get some bottles transferred to the NH store closest to Vermont, but I am being told that I may have to purchase an entire case if I do this. Money is a bit tight, and I really can't afford to purchase a case of something I've never tried, especially when I would rather get 1 bottle of each of these.

Not sure what my point is - I don't think I have one. But I guess I'm wondering if the Sazerac (or any of the antique collection) is worth purchasing an entire case (3 bottles) of, at $42.99 per bottle?