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    Re: Bourbon in Washington State

    Wow! I guess the Liquor Store on 4th in Seattle is the place to go. Thank you very much! I'll check out online ordering too.

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    Re: Bourbon in Washington State

    They [Beverages and More]had Hirsch 16, and Saz rye, and ER17, and the limited edition Booker's as well as some other bottlings that were out of (previous) character for the store.
    B&M is getting very interesting. Today I noticed they have their own single barrel versions of Van Winkle Special Reserve and Eagle Rare. And they've recently started carrying Elmer T. Lee. So I just sent them an e-mail suggesting that they be like Sams and Binnys and start selling single barrel BT. I told them they could be selling a premium bourbon at an inexpensive price, and be doing it before BT hits California in the scheduled 3 to 5 years.

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    Re: Bourbon in Washington State

    The 4th Ave S store in Seattle has Buffalo Trace in stock. I stopped in today and bought one bottle for my Dad for Christmas, and a 1.75 liter bottle of Weller Antique 107[for me ].

    They also have WT Rye, Van Winkle 12 YO Lot "B", Hirsch 16 YO, 1 bottle OGD 114, and some others.



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