A few days ago I hit the jackpot!!!...I was Christmas shopping in a local liquor store and spotted some old Jim Beam Decanters for sale...all were from around 1970. I bought four of them...and get this....THREE WERE STILL SEALED!!!...Well...not anymore!
I just cracked open this one that looks like a green Trolly Car, it reads, "Jim Beam The favorite bourbon in San Francisco" The booze in it says 100 months old.
This stuff is absolutely delicious and I'm not a huge Beam fan. It really doesn't taste much like regular Beam at all. I did a side by side comparison with some regular Jim Beam I had here and this stuff and a much thicker ritcher maple flavor to it. It's 86 proof. I just thought I would share this with everyone here because not too many of my friends are into this stuff....Cheers and Happy Holidays!