I picked this up at one of those pharmacy/liquor stores in Miami (this way of merchandising must be a vestige of the prohibition era) and was quite looking forward to it, I was not disappointed. It is more intense than the buff-colored and black labels with a clean but rich focused taste. It has that charcateristic mineral note of Dickel, some people have called it a "vitamins" taste. I know some people don't like that but I find it interesting, and also the fact that Dickel is so different from Jack Daniel (and other straight-type whiskey) in general. Both are made from similar mashbills and both use famously the Tennesse charcoal leaching method, but one could not taste more different than the other. I heard Dickel is distilling again in Tullahoma (I think they started up last year sometime). Clearly there is still stock around from the former production (I would guess my bottle was distilled sometime in the 80's) and should be for some time I think. Excellent whiskey and a nice change of pace from bourbon adn Jack.