I just got back from a trip to Florida, where I bought a 200 ml bottle of "Tom Sims Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey", "Aged 6 Years" by "Sixth Generation Kentucky Distillers," at the "Thomas W. Sims Distillery" in Bardstown. Eighty proof. The first 5 UPC digits are 96749, same as Evan Williams. Is this new? I hadn't seen it in that store over the holidays, and a search on "Sims" here didn't really hit anything.

Not bad. Simple, with a nice flavor, and hit the spot for counteracting the caffine from driving. I hadn't had much HH product before; I didn't really like the EWSB '94 until the tail end of the bottle. BTW, the store had a sign comparing the price of this and JB white (couple of bucks at 750 ml), their ages, and said "you do the math." Don't tell the Beam rep.