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    Swiss Absinthe Legal Again

    I know at least a few people here are curious about absinthe, so I thought I would pass this along, as reported by just-drinks.com

    The Swiss government has said the legal production of the spirit absinthe will begin in the country in March after a ban of nearly 100 years.

    The Swiss banned Absinthe in 1908 over fears of its alleged hallucinogenic properties.

    According to a report by AFP, producers in the Swiss city of Val-de-Travers, who continued to produce the drink despite the ban, have asked that their product be granted a certificate of origin and quality.

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    Re: Swiss Absinthe Legal Again

    But, Chuck, I mentioned that in November!

    Reemergence of Absinthe


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    Re: Swiss Absinthe Legal Again

    How dare they? Down with demon drink!



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