Yesterday the cold spell broke and we were in the mid fifties. I had my mind on a cigar all day, but couldn't get around to it until about 8:30, after dark and colder So, I bundled up and headed out back. Because of time and temperature I decided on a Hemingway "Short Story", the smallest cigar in the Fuente Hemingway series. I paired it with a particular BT single barrel expression that was purchased by me and several members of

The Short Story lit easily and burned evenly. It lasted me about 25 minutes, or just long enough to get the pork tenderloin seared and to a nice medium-rare Lots of classic cedar and pepper from the cigar paired quite nicely with the sweet vanilla and caramel of the BT. I was also picking up some candied fruit flavors that I hadn't experienced before, but were probably brought on by the cigar.

Well, as I took my last draw I looked back on the last half hour and smiled. Although colder weather is sure to follow, this was a sign of good things to come. I hope you all had as enjoyable an evening!