Well, guys it was more of a trade. I had contacted Julian prior to the September BF about buying some and then didn't get back to him whether I wanted a couple or a box. I have made a scrapbook out of my bands and told him of it. The other night I offered him his choice of what I brought, some La Perla Habana Maduros that had been in my humidor for over a year or Gurkha Master Selects that had been mellowing for about 8 months. He reciprocated with a Pappy cigar and offered a couple more being a very generous fellow. I accepted one more from him but felt that more would have seemed greedy. I haven't checked my travel humidor yet to see what his generous gift was yet as I put it in the bottom when it was kind of dark and I had had, well, maybe a couple of small sips of bourbon at that time. Whatever it was, I'm sure it will be a pleasant surprise and will be a cherished smoke for a special occasion.