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    Re: Old Weller availability?

    even if every distributor doesn't carry all of them in every market.

    Even though all four expressions are available in Maryland, I have never seen a retailer carry more than one of the Weller bottlings. Four stores(five if counting the 19 yr) to get the entire Weller line.

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    Re: Old Weller availability?

    Hello from Dallas/Ft. Worth, where the the whole place is awash in all things Weller. DFW is actually the largest Weller market in the U.S. and finding it here is quite simple. As for finding it in some northen tier states, I realize it might prove a bit more difficult. Is there a shortage of Weller? Not yet. As the brand has grown more than anticipated, and as we use a healthy chunk for the Van Winkle wheated bourbons, the supply is getting a little tighter. Still, any distributor or retailer who says it is not available is not giving you the whole truth. As Chuck said, some retailers will tell you a story to get you to buy something they already have in inventory.


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    Re: Old Weller availability?

    ...in Maryland, I have never seen a retailer carry more than one of the Weller bottlings.
    Technically, at least, the Middle Tennessee liquor store where I clerk part-time has "carried" all four current Weller bottlings. The Special Reserve, Antique and Centennial are standards on our shelf, while the owner special-ordered a 1.75L (the only size available here) of Weller 12 for me. So, we've sold all four versions in the recent past.
    However, Dave, you're basically correct -- I know of only one other store (fortunately, it's less than a mile from me) that carries all four on a routine basis.



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