Just back from a short trip in the Empire State, picked up some fine whiskey around Buffalo.

First, Elijah Craig 12 year old - is there any better whiskey in America? I doubt there is. It is astonishing this whiskey sells from under $20 a bottle. This is great whiskey with great balance and flavor - it has it all. Something in the background reminds me of the Single Barrel Dickel, very rich and mineral like, fine fine stuff.

Also found a strip stamp Fleishmann's Preferred Blended Whisky, bottom of bottle stamped 88, so likely bottled then. 90 proof too, current label is 80 proof. The 90 proof shows an address in New Jersey for the brand, so likely it wasn't a Barton Property at the time. This is really good blended whiskey, less dry than today's version, showing more bourbon sweetness and less rye whiskey influence. Deep and rich for a blend, silky is texture too, similar in this respect to that circa '80 Seagram 7 Crown I tried some months ago.

Finally, Wild Turkey Rye - wow, never was it better. It seems older, softer than samples from a couple of year ago, a depth charge of a drink yet tangy and smooth if that is possible. Jimmy Russell knows real whiskey to the core and I think his best work is reflected in the market right now.