I happened upon a bottle of this at a local liquor store and picked it up, with the intent of trading with someone who can appreciate it. I paid about $25 for it. Though the seal was intact, I found the cork to be leaking slightly when the bottle fell on its side in the car. Well, nothing to do now but open it up. I will say that my initial impressions of this expression are quite different than my feelings for good ol' #12. I find the 10yo slightly sweeter with lots of fruit, pears mostly, in the nose and a vanilla "woodiness" on the palate. It has a very, very smooth finish. I have to say that I actually enjoy the flavor of this whiskey, and I may never have experienced it if not for that leaky cork.

Now, for those of you more in the know on Tennessee Whiskey, what is the story on this bottling? I know it was part of the UD Bourbon Heritage series and has since been discontinued, and that it is obviously 10yo, but is there anything special or different about its production or stock? Will I ever see another bottle of it? Do any of you prefer this to regular Dickel?

I'm so confused