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    One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    My discovery of an apparently defunct Ancient Age 10yo Special Edition Barrel 107 prompted me to ponder the handful of single examples of hard-to-find bottlings I have. They include the above-mentioned AA and:
    <ul type="square">[*]Old Commonwealth 10yo[*]W.L. Weller 19yo[*]A.H. Hirsch 20yo[*]Mellow Mash Private Stock[*]George T. Stagg '02[/list]

    While I don't consider any of my bottles "off limits", I also won't open any of the above just to sip in front of the TV or computer. It will only be with someone I know will appreciate their character and rarity (rare, at least, on my shelf). How about you? When and/or for whom do you open hard-to-replace singleton bottles?

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    Re: One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    I have a few that come to mind:

    EW Millenium Globe
    White Bison
    Jacob's Well
    Prichard's Double Barrel
    ORVW 12yo rye
    WT Freedom
    10yo Old Crow (4 chessmen)
    Booker's Commemorative
    Various Staggs and Birthday Bourbons
    VW12yo, Randy Blank edition

    I'm sure there are a few others in the bunker somewhere. All will be consumed in due course, on the proper occasion.

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    Re: One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    The only one I have that most people would consider difficult-to-find is the '02 Stagg, of which I have two bottles due to the kindness of Ken Weber in sending the last of his stash to the NE a few months ago.

    Some things I have that I consider hard to find, but are probably widely available other places, are:
    <ul type="square">[*]Weller Centennial with BHC label[*]Pappy 15 and 20[*]Sazerac '04[/list]

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    Re: One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    Jeff....I know you've got some Hirsch 20yr somewhere in that bunker too. Definitely a one-of-a-kind bourbon. My special bottles include a WT 12yo foil label, my auction purchase of VW 17yo for the japanese market, BMH 14yo by JVW, and my overseas bottlings of Blanton's. Will open when the occasion/people are right.

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    Re: One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    My quart of Cream of Kentucky bourbon with a heart shape molded into the glass holds a special place in my bunker. It was an early find in a mom & pop wino shop in Altadena, California enjoyable both for the hunt and the discovery.

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    Re: One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    Wow! Some stuff there that Iīve never even heard of (Mellow mash, Prichard, White bison).

    Some stuff in my possession that I value for their rarity and/or quality :

    - Makerīs mark black
    - Makerīs mark gold
    - I.W. Harper presidentīs reserve
    - Wild Turkey Kentucky legend
    - Henry Clay

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    Re: One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    I have a few orphans in the bunker as well:

    Jacob's Well
    Van Blankle 12yo (thanks Randy!)
    George T. Stagg '03 (unfortunately this is my one and only bottle of GTS ever...also thanks to Randy!)
    Distiller's Masterpiece 18yo (it's open, but I consider it "bunkered")
    OFBB S'03 (down to 1 bottle left)

    I certainly have no problems with enjoying these, but since replacement is difficult or impossible, the occasion or company would have to be just right.

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    Re: One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    In the bunker?

    Hirsch 20
    W.L. Weller 19
    Stagg 03
    Hirsch Rye.

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    Re: One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    Wow, and I thought I was the only one with a White Bison in these parts. Shows you what I know.

    The bottlings I have that have not been opened are rare since I believe that a sealed bottle gives little enjoyment. Here are many repeats of what Jeff has listed but maybe a few more:

    AH Hirsch 20
    AH Hirsch 16/Blue wax first label
    Stagg 03
    White Bison
    Old Crow Chessmen (From Gazebo Chess Consortium)
    Jim Beam Bicentennial
    Evan Williams Millenium Globe
    Pappy Van Winkle 20
    OFBB Fall 03
    Ridgeford Reserve 1792
    1968 Ezra Brooks in Dueling Pistol Decanter
    1973 Old Cabin Still in Ducks Unlimited Decanter
    1981 Old Commonwealth in Horses of Ireland Decanter (Listed in memory of the bottle in the errant cooler on I64)
    1977 Rip Van Winkle in RVW Decanter (Bound for the Sampler)
    WTRR signed by Jimmy Russell (will probably never be opened by me)
    And soon to be added WT Tribute (currently consignment bunkered by TNBourbon Bunkering Service and hope to be signed by Jimmy Russell at the Sampler)

    Some of these have open bottles for me to taste but the bunkered ones will be kept as is for the time being. As far as an occasion to open them, some are future KBF Gazebo contributions and some I would have no problem opening on the occasion of a visit from a wandering Bourbonian. The Hirsch 20 I am saving to be opened only when agreed upon by my good friend Rick who got me started on the road to Bourbon Bliss.

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    Re: One-of-a-Kind Bottle in Your Bunker?

    I don't think these qualify as "one-of-a-kind" type bottles, but most would be pretty rare to unheard of for most Aussies..

    2004 George T Stagg
    2004 Sazerac
    Old Rip Van Winkle 10yo (tall 'wine style' UK bottle)
    Old Rip Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 13yo
    Buffalo Trace

    All are open except the Stagg which won't get opened until August.

    The only rare "bottle" I have is one of the Jack Daniels Bells (big clear glass thing with a stopper)



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