I don't think of myself as a collector, but I do have a couple of gems: <ul type="square">[*]Michter's Pot Still Whiskey, made late in the existence of that distillery[*]Henry McKenna, from the Four Roses Distillery, made before Seagrams sold the brand to Heaven Hill[*]Old Taylor from 1972, the last season the brand was made at the Old Taylor Distillery[*]Old Taylor, prohibition-era "medicinal whiskey"[*]A full set of five Bourbon Heritage Collection minis, in the original display box[/list]I have a couple other unusual bottles, but they're in a box with a bunch of junk on top of it, so maybe later.

Incidentally, the Michter's, McKenna and 1972 Old Taylor were all found in Chicago-area liquor stores where they had been in inventory for a long, long time. I can't encourage people enough to check those bottom shelves.