Sounds like an Irish Jack review indicated the Clontarf Irish Whiskey was too sweet...any opinions?
Certainly a unique style for an Irish distiller.

From Carbury Group Nov 99 Product News:

"Clontarf is a truly unique Irish Whiskey. Distilled in Ireland using the finest grain and pure Irish spring water , the whiskey is aged with care in bourbon barrels and gently filtered through Atlantic Irish Oak charcoal to achieve a wonderful mellowness that will make Clontarf a champion among Irish Whiskies. Time honoured and traditional techniques produce the finest quality charcoal from Irish oak grown on the wild and rugged Atlantic coast of South West Ireland. In a slow and delicate process the smouldering embers finally produce a charcoal so fine that filtration produces a mellow Irish Whiskey of supreme quality and smoothness.

Clontarf Irish Whiskey will be available in three varieties ;

Clontarf Single Malt - a single malt with a sophisticated rich malty taste , full of texture , yet subtly smooth and lingering.

Clontarf Reserve - a skilful blend of Single Malt and rich grain whiskies , delivering a uniquely fresh , smooth and spicy taste.

Clontarf Irish Whiskey - extaordinarily rich , brimming with toffee and subtle oak , packed full of flavour and body."