I recently went on a mountainman rendezvous, and there was all sorts of fare from hunts that people had gone on. If you have never attended one of these I highly recommend them ( a story for another time). One camp I visited Had some buffalo hump meat roasting over their fire. They asked if I would like to join them, heck I never turn down free food. I went and got some wt rare breed that I had brought. We cut the meat from the spit and poured the drink. The sweet and smokey flavour from the meat brought out aromas and tastes of the bourbon I had never experienced. I like rare breed anyway but this was the best. It is kind of hard to find buffalo from your local butcher, but if you have the chance I would hightly recomend this coupling. I think any bourbon would taste great with this sweet tender meat, but if you have the chance and the choice I would go with the wt rare.