A talented young Canadian writer and poet, Mona Awad, writes for a hip, newish literary magazine called Maisonneuve, published out of Montreal (see www.maisonneuve.org). In the current issue, she has a superb article called, "If Not Winter, Then Wine". Here's a sample:

"Understand, I'm no wine connoisseur. I mean, I can SWIRL and SNIFF and SIP like the best of charlatans. I have drunkenly dabbled, taken a course or two, flipped through some magazines, pretended to listen as my father, my professor, the waiter went on and on about "tannins" and "legs". I TELL people I can smell a note of this and a hint of that. And I always agree with men in bow ties. But if I'm being honest, good wine usually leaves me speechless or estranged from the usual buffet of adjectives coveted by wine experts. I'd ALWAYS rather drink than talk."