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Thread: Distilling

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    Re: Distilling

    It's too bad you didn't say something to me, Edward, but for the sake of any other international folks who may be reading this, you can order my book, BOURBON, STRAIGHT at bourbonstraight.com and for a small, additional charge I will ship it, via International Priority Mail, anywhere in the world. It takes a week to ten days. Depending on your local laws, you may be required to pay a duty of some sort, but no different from anything else you would buy from a retailer not in your country. It's maybe a little faster than Amazon, though admittedly not a lot. In fairness, I will say that Amazon is selling it right now for a little less than I do, and I certainly don't mind if people buy it from them (just so long as they buy it).

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    Re: Distilling

    As for stills, it isn't all about proof. Copper, for example, is believed to add flavor to whiskey but has no role in making neutral spirits. Exactly how copper contributes is not entirely understood, but it is known that tiny amounts of copper do go into the solution in the still. Scottish pot stills are 100 percent copper while column stills used for American whiskey are lined with copper and have various other copper components, although the plates that slow the mash's progress through the still are stainless steel. American whiskey column stills are periodically relined and Scottish pot still are periodically replaced as they eventually become too thin to function.

    Another factor is the various rectification trays, donuts and other apparatus within the still that are used to accentuate certain flavors and reduce or elminate others.

    In other words, the column stills used to make American whiskey may be column stills but they are designed to make a flavorful whiskey, and are different in significant ways from the column stills used to make neutral spirits, industrial alcohol or even grain whisky for blended scotch.

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    Re: Distilling

    Thanks Chuck,
    I was pretty sure that I could get it from you directly. And I would have if I couldn't have gotten it from Amazon. The main reason I went to Amazon was that I knew I could get it with one click. I hate filling out forms. Back before I had email I use to write long letters and then fail to send them because I wouldn't address the envelope. I know, that makes no sense at all. It's a disease...
    I just checked and it is on the way. I can hardly wait!



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