Well put, I agree fully that Old Overholt is kind of a milder Wild Turkey Rye (remember too Overholt is 20 points weaker in proof). To some degree rye whiskey has a "muddy" taste but at its best that side is minimised and you get either a spicy character (like the current WT and Overholt) or somtimes a peppermint-like taste (e.g. Old Rip Van Winkle Rye and Classic Cask rye). The latter two are older than WT and Overholt rye so maybe that peppermint is something rye gets after many years in the bottle.

In any case, I assure people who want to try real rye whiskey that current Overholt and Wild Turkey rye are very good examples of the style and both are excellent values especially Old Overholt. It is a direct yet flavorful straight whiskey for some 11-13 dollars - truly a bargain of large proportions..