I decdied recently to combine George Dickel and Jack Daniel. I used the Dickel Single Barrel Reserve and a bottle of Jack which combines numerous Jack Daniel's bottlings of Old. No. 7 (regular black label) and Single Barrel Jack Daniel's. First I did a 50/50 but I found it works best with 60/40 Jack Daniel's to Dickel. Possibly if the Dickel was the black label or the no. 12 I might alter the combinations. What I found was the pungent Dickel taste (a mineral-like taste) was modifed by the pungent Jack liquorice taste which in turn was modified. The blending resulted in a fudgy-like straight whiskey with hints of either whiskey taken straight but well-melded and more drinkable neat than either is alone. Oddly perhaps the unifying maple wood smokiness (maybe the only element that unites the two whiskeys) seemed more prominent. A good result and I know some people doubt the value of these blendings but I found this one tops.