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    Cigar International Sampler

    Cigars International currently has this sampler for $49.95:

    - 5 Black Pearl Cobre by La Perla Toro (6"x50)
    - 5 Black Pearl Rojo by La Perla Toro (6"x50)
    - 5 Gurkha Class Regent Toro (6"x50)
    - 5 K. Hansotia '101' Maduro Robusto (6"x50)

    Both the Black Pearl cigars run about $3/ea., the Gurkha runs about $6/ea., and the K. Hansotia 101 is running about $7.50/ea. Under this special, the price breaks down to an average of $2.50/ea.


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    Re: Cigar International Sampler

    Not a bad deal, but if you want to try and save some more money and you have the patience, try their sister site. www.cigarbid.com

    Bid low and hope it makes it thru. I lose 4 out of 5 auctions, but I usually don't pay more than 60% of retail on the ones I win.

    Just play it safe and don't bid on too many! You might win more than you planned on




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