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    Any good bourbons I am missing?

    I have been building a bourbon/American whiskey collection. I am curious if anyone can think of an additional bourbon(s) that would add to my collection. Rock Hill Farms, Old Forester Birthday and Pappy 20 are three that come to mind. Anything else?

    The list:

    Woodford Reserve
    Virginia Gentleman
    Kentucky Spirit
    Rare Breed
    Elijah Craig 18
    Jefferson's Reserve
    Sazerac Rye
    George T. Stagg (2004)
    Eagle Rare 17
    Dickel #12
    Gentleman Jack
    Jack Daniels
    Jack Single Barrel
    Knob Creek
    Elijah Craig 12
    Buffalo Trace
    Elmer T. Lee
    Old Charter Proprietor's Reserve
    Old Grand Dad 114
    Old Weller Antique
    Wild Turkey Rye
    Van Winkle Lot B
    Pappy Van Winkle 15 yr
    A.H. Hirsch 16 year
    Wild Turkey Russel's Reserve
    Old Forester 86 proof
    Old Forester 100 proof
    Corner Creek
    Old Fitzgerald 100 proof
    Evan Williams Single Barrel (1994)
    Phillips Union

    Any input would be helpful


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    Re: Any good bourbons I am missing?

    A favorite of mine is Wathen's (http://www.wathens.com/)... It is not the exceptional super premium brand that would come to the mind of most (its under $20 here in KY), but for whatever reason, the taste just suits me... Very warm and smooth. A great choice for an inexpensive everyday bourbon that is not all that common. Not sure about the availability out west...

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    Re: Any good bourbons I am missing?

    A few that come immediately to mind are Pappy 23, any of the Old Rip Van Winkle bottlings (10yo/90 proof, 10/107, 15/107, 12yo rye) whenever you find one/any available, Van Winkle Family Reserve rye, and W.L. Weller 12yo.

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    Re: Any good bourbons I am missing?

    Bakers is my favorite of the Beam small batch collection, and Elijah Craig 18 is a very unique bourbon. I second the motion on the ORVW's as well, no collection is complete without them, and they are going to start getting rare soon.

    Wild Turkey freedom, WT 12 yr old, and Blantons Gold and single barrels, are export/duty free only items that can add to a collection.

    Nice bunch of Bourbons there.

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    Re: Any good bourbons I am missing?

    You have a great collection as it is! You should get the Evan Williams Single Barrel (1995). As good as the '94 is the '95 is so much better. I agree with RedVette on the Bakers. It's very good.

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    Re: Any good bourbons I am missing?

    You don't have anything on your list from Barton. Try Ridgemont Reserve 1792, or Very Old Barton. Both good.

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    Re: Any good bourbons I am missing?

    I'd say you're well on your way to having just about every mid-to-upper range bottling anyone could ever want.

    However, unless my eyes are failing me, Eagle Rare Single Barrel is missing. (I haven't tried ER17 yet. Perhaps it's all one needs from that lineup.)

    A case could also be made for Eagle Rare 101, 10 y/o, but perhaps that journeyman pour doesn't make the cut, depending upon your definition of "good" bourbon. (The presence of Old Fitz and Old Forester seems to open the door.)

    Personally, I can't imagine being without WT 101, as well. Of course, if the cost of Russell's Reserve, Rare Breed, Kentucky Spirit were not an issue, I might never get around to revisiting WT 101.

    Then there's Hancock's President's Reserve (which I've never tried), Old Grand Dad BIB, W.L. Weller 12 y/o, W.L. Weller Centennial, Ancient Ancient Age 10 y/o (not 10 Star). . . Where does one stop?

    Has someone mentioned Baker's yet? Just for the sake of completeness, you might even add Basil Hayden's, in spite of its lightweight character.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Re: Any good bourbons I am missing?

    I might be booed off the stage immediately but may I be so bold as to suggest, er, Old Potrero? Believe you me, it is much better than you might be led to believe by reading comments on this forum.

    Both expressions are well worth taking up an acquaintance with but If you have to choose one, go for the one aged in new barrels.

    Also, if you ever get the opportunity : try the Makerīs Mark black seal. You wonīt regret it.

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    Re: Any good bourbons I am missing?

    Well, for starters, Rittenhouse Rye. Wonderful stuff. You have Old Forester but no Ancient Age. Get the 10 year old. Considered one of the best... Here's my list of "to gets":

    Rittenhouse Rye BIB
    Ancient Age (especially the 10yr and the BIB)
    Kentucky Vintage
    Johnny Drum 15yr
    W.L. Weller 19yr Wheated
    W.L. Weller 12yr (awesome for the price)
    Four Roses Single Barrel
    McKendric Western Style (leather label - great stuff!)
    Old Charter 12yr
    Ezra B Single Barrel (if still made)

    and build on the lines you have. Like all the Jim Beam Small batch, all the different Wild Turkey bottlings (a must have to any collection), all the Wellers, etc...

    You have a great collection thus far anyway you look at it.

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    Re: Any good bourbons I am missing?

    Ditto on the Wathen's and its back again after a short disapperance.



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