I have 3 unopened bottles of the original RidgeWOOD Reserve 1792, which after seeing go for $80+ on eBay I'm afraid to open.

That's like the guy who buys a vintage Farrari or Porsche and puts it in his storage facility indefinetly. Cars were made to be driven, maybe not every day, but at least once a year. Likewise, bourbon was made to drink. You might save two of the bottles forever, but drink out of the third once or twice a year. Such a great item like that would make the whole evening.

I'm still pretty much in the "trying all the bourbons" camp, so I have just started thinking about "bunkering" After reading a few post around here, my opinion is this. Take three or four of the bourbons that I like now, Bulleit, Buffalo Trace, etc. and buy an extra bottle to bunker. Keep it for 25 years, then drink next to a "current" bourbon to see what has changed or stayed the same (equally as notable) in those 25 years.

If you had done this 25 years ago, the impression I get is that you would see quite a shift in bourbon to today for a host of reasons.

As for the super premium stuff, Stagg, Van Winkle, Sacerac, put it on the drinking shelf, but in the very back. Only bust it out for very special occasions, Weddings, Christmas, Valentine's day, friend you haven't seen in three years, etc. But I guess if you can afford to bunker an extra bottle of this stuff, hey, go ahead.