Hi everybody, first time poster here.

I've had somewhat of a hobby for the past several years of scouring liquor store bottom shelves for particularly dusty old bottles of bourbon.

(rambling paragraph edited out)

I recently found some National Distillers Sunny Brook 80 proof 4 year old. It certainly won't solve all the world's problems, but it's a fine $11 liter (the price sticker looks as if it may have been placed prior to the first Bush administration). It has a pleasing body and spiciness without a massive raw alcohol attack. I bought out all 3 bottles that were left the next day.

My understanding is that Sunny Brook was never a flagship bourbon with ND (or Beam after that), but does anyone have an idea how to date it or what the mashbill might have been? Also, is it likely to be a close cousin to any other better known bourbon that ND put out?