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    Vatting experiment-straight ryes

    I did an informal vatting experiment tonight.

    A while ago I got my first bottle of Old Overholt straight rye. The first night I drank it I liked it a lot. Later visits to the same bottle left me feeling less satisfied. Tonight I had a pour of Wild Turkey Rye. Good stuff. Burns more than I like, but good spicy rye whiskey. Had a small pour of Old Overholt and it was all right. Sweeter, milder, no burn. I got to thinking and went back and poured myself a little more Overholt and then dribbled some Wild Turkey Rye into it. I thought the Old Overholt was much improved. Was it better than the WTR? I don't know. I do know that I will be repeating the experiment under more controlled conditions in the future. (Now I am drinking some OGD 114.)

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    Re: Vatting experiment-straight ryes

    Try sprinkling some straight rye (any kind) into Canadian whisky, remarkable how it improves the result.




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