There are reports of Isaiah Morgan Rye Whiskey, from West Virginia, this is from a distillery that is part of a long-established (20 years) winery called Kirkwood I believe. I don't know if this is a straight whiskey, probably it is not since the distillery makes Virginia Lightning Corn Whiskey and I would think the rye is from the same mash but longer aged (but not aged for two years likely).

A second rye, coming onstream next year according to the current Malt Advocate, is Tempelton Rye, from Iowa. It will be called "Prohibition Era" Single Barrel Rye Whisky and apparently is from an old 'shine recipe current in Chicago during the Roaring Twenties. See which shows the bottle and label design. Some interesting lore there about Templeton rye during Prohibition. Unortunately the production details of the site are not filled in yet.

Good to see new ryes, but who will distill the first modern bourbon outside of Kentucky (exception made for the redistillation done by Buffalo Trace's distillery in Virginia)...? As far as I know no bourbon is being made outside Kentucky and the former Smith Bowman in Virginia except maybe for McCormick of Missouri but I think Heaven Hill now distills whatever McCormick used to make and may still sell in the way of bourbon and corn whiskey. Seagram used to have a distillery in Indiana and I don't know what happened to it, did Kirin buy that as well as Four Roses?