No, not that way, I'm happily married.

I have been learning so much since starting to read this forum - there is a lot, lot, lot of collective knowledge here.

Much of what I am learning about dating dusty ol'bottles is gleaned from facts mentioned in passing, that I don't think have ever been put into an FAQ on the forum.

Here are a few things I'd like to verify (Some things may be right sometimes but not other times, and some I'm sure I got wrong.):
1) National Distillers sold to Beam in 1987
2)Tax stamps were traditionally green if bonded, red if not-bonded. Were there other colors?
3)What year(s) were tax stamps phased out?
4) Some distilleries spent several years using faux tax stamps as tamper indicators. What years was this most common?

If there's anything I could do to help with an FAQ, I'd be happy to participate.