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    Bourbon Families

    Dear Bourbon-Brethren (Bourbanites?, Bourbanistas?),

    One of the appealing aspects of reading about bourbon, beyond the wonderful flavors, is the history and integration into culture. Bettye Jo especially gives us a view into the generations of families that have been a part of that culture, and I stumbled upon a restaurant website that gives a snapshot, too. About halfway down the page under "People often ask what led up to buying the Moonlite - " is an interesting section.

    They're definitely on this fall's bour-becue tour my wife and I are scheming up.

    check it out:
    Moonlight BBQ Inn in Owensboro

    I think it's a pretty good bet that someone on this forum knows the restaurant, and maybe the people, too.


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    Re: Bourbon Families

    Hi Roger

    I think we are Bourbonians around here

    Jim, has a award (every year) for one person...and it's called Bourbonian of the Year...Sooooo...We must be Bourbonians

    Bettye Jo

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    Re: Bourbon Families

    Hi Roger!
    Yepper, been there. Owensboro has this great BBQ Festival every year. Unfortunately, it hits the same time as the Derby, and it's tuff to be in 2 places at once... .

    Here's a few photos from a Festival from year's ago, just to give you an idea. If you 'Do the Que', Owensboro is a must stop. They specialize in mutton, and don't forget to try some Kentucky Burgoo! Sadly, I think the quality has suffered from commercialization in the last 10 years. But still a must stop!

    And, a cool place to stay while you're there is the Rivermont Executive Inn.

    Be sure to give a heads-up when y'all come thru. I'll point out some 'off the beaten path' 'que places, and maybe we can even sip a Bourbon or two!



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