It appears that there is plenty of interest. At the risk of being tedious or dogmatic, I have a few ideas about logistics I thought I would throw out there.

Hopefully the SB moderators would be willing to open a new forum, "Bourbon of the Month Club". On the first day of the month, that month's selection would be posted, and for the rest of that month, club participants could post comments about that bourbon. I see no need to limit the conversation to just tasting notes---history, anecdotes, availability information, etc., as long as they are related to that month's selection, would be appropriate. Over time, this could become a useful repository of basic information about various brands and expressions.

So, how to pick the selections? I figure that honor/duty could rotate among active club participants. Hopefully, that could be done by general agreement (volunteering, or acclaimation) without rancor or hurt feelings.

I think it would be gentlemanly to let participants with limited availability pick at least the first few, to ensure wide participation. Given his unfortunate situation, how's about having Tim pick something for June?

These are just ideas, obviously, but I think the club is a neat idea and I just thought I would suggest a framework to help get it off the ground. If anyone has other ideas, please don't hesitate to post them. Feel free to disagree or criticize anything I said.

The Other Chuck